Greenwich Foundation House

The KICKOFF TOUR made its way to Greenwich, Connecticut, with the event hosted at the Foundation House on July 25. The turnout was nothing short of incredible, as the venue was packed with eager attendees, making it a full house. The organizers expressed their sincere appreciation for Mimi Sternlich and her support in making this event possible. It was truly an awesome gathering in one of the most remarkable locations they had ever been to.

The conversation during the Greenwich event was robust and deeply impactful. People were so engrossed in the discussions that they didn't want to leave. The event served as a powerful platform for addressing the broad spectrum of mental health issues, affecting not just individuals but also families, both men and women alike. The depth and breadth of topics covered in the two-hour event highlighted the importance of open dialogue and the urgency of addressing mental health in all its facets. Greenwich, Connecticut, left a lasting impression as another vital stop on the KICKOFF TOUR, solidifying its mission to foster understanding, empathy, and support for mental health.