Winnetu Oceanside Resort

Following the transformative experiences in Chicago, the KICKOFF TOUR by Tiger 21 made its third stop in the picturesque setting of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, at the Winnetu Oceanside Resort on July 12. The reception in Martha's Vineyard was nothing short of amazing, once again demonstrating the power of open dialogue and vulnerability. It was heartwarming to witness so many people in this serene island community open up and engage in meaningful discussions about mental health. The event truly became a space where individuals felt comfortable sharing their stories, knowing that it had the potential to change lives.

A special note of gratitude was extended to the Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce, whose support played a crucial role in making this event an exceptional success. Their assistance and local guidance were invaluable, highlighting the importance of community collaboration. The tour organizers expressed their deep appreciation for all the help and local support they received, acknowledging that such events wouldn't be possible without the collective effort of the community. Martha's Vineyard served as another significant milestone in the KICKOFF TOUR's journey, emphasizing the profound impact of shared experiences and the importance of addressing mental health in diverse communities across the country.