The Nantucket Hotel

The KICKOFF TOUR continued its journey to Nantucket, Massachusetts, at The Nantucket Hotel. This event on Nantucket marked another significant moment in the tour's progression. At the end of the event, a powerful testament to the tour's impact unfolded as eight individuals in the audience exchanged phone numbers. This heartwarming gesture highlighted the profound power of community and the genuine connections that can be forged when people come together to support one another.

A special recognition was extended to the Fairwinds Treatment Center in Nantucket, which played a crucial role in making the event possible and supporting the tour's mission. The event in Nantucket saw a full house and received amazing engagement from everyone in attendance. Such an enthusiastic response resonated deeply with the tour's message, emphasizing the importance of addressing mental health and fostering meaningful discussions. In fact, the local community's eagerness was so palpable that they extended an invitation for the tour to return to the island, underscoring the profound impact it had on the Nantucket community.