We got asked to speak a second time

Returning to Chicago, IL, for the second time in as many weeks on June 13, the KICKOFF TOUR by Tiger 21 experienced an extraordinary reaffirmation of its mission. This second visit underscored that there was indeed something special about the tour, something that resonated deeply with people and drew them in. The audience's response was overwhelming, emphasizing that the message was striking a chord within the community. It was as if, once the speakers opened up, a floodgate of shared experiences and stories burst forth, creating an atmosphere of profound connection.

The event in Chicago not only highlighted the power of vulnerability but also revealed the sheer magnitude of individuals affected by mental health issues, directly or indirectly. It became evident that this issue was not distant; it was intimately intertwined with the lives of countless people, whether they were personally struggling or supporting loved ones in their journey. The KICKOFF TOUR became a platform for these stories and experiences, further emphasizing the pressing need for open discussions on mental health.Once again, heartfelt thanks were extended to Ron Diamond from Tiger 21 for his instrumental role in making these events possible. His unwavering support and dedication solidified the tour's impact and underscored the importance of continuing the journey to foster empathy, understanding, and support within communities across the country