Our First Talk

Chicago, IL served as the dynamic launchpad for the KICKOFF TOUR when we were invited by Tiger 21 on June 6th. This inaugural event marked a significant milestone in the tour's history, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended. The enthusiasm and engagement of the audience were nothing short of inspiring. What was initially planned as a one-hour session evolved into an hour-and-a-half-long event, primarily due to the overwhelming influx of questions and interaction from the audience. The event transcended the traditional format of a lecture, seamlessly transitioning into an engaging and dynamic conversation.

In Chicago, attendees not only experienced engaging discussions but also discovered the incredible power of vulnerability. As the speakers opened up about their personal experiences and insights, a transformative atmosphere of authenticity and connection enveloped the room. This raw honesty about their own journeys with mental health resonated deeply with the audience. It was remarkable to witness how vulnerability acted as a catalyst for others to open up and share their own stories and struggles.A special thanks goes out to Ron Diamond from Tiger 21 in Chicago, who made this event possible. His unwavering support and dedication were instrumental in bringing this impactful event to fruition. The event in Chicago underscored that the heart of the tour was centered around the crucial topic of mental health. It showcased how by openly discussing this often stigmatized subject, barriers were broken down, and people felt more comfortable sharing their own experiences.

The KICKOFF TOUR by Tiger 21 was not just an event; it was a platform for fostering empathy, understanding, and support within a community. It set a powerful precedent for future stops on the tour, highlighting the importance of open dialogue and the ripple effect of vulnerability on mental health discussions.